MANAMU is a woman-owned social enterprise, which was founded in 2019 by Melania Karolina. The foundation of MANAMU  is based on the core values; Preservation and Empowerment. Working directly with Indonesian weavers based in Bali, Indonesia, MANAMU is focused on reviving and encouraging this near-lost art of traditional metal weaving. These techniques and skills from an island in Eastern Indonesia, have been passed down through generations and are considered authentic and tangible representations of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. MANAMU works with a passion for preserving these techniques and skills, as well as creating a self-sustaining ecosystem for the weavers by introducing them to contemporary designs and product interpretations. We also strive for the empowerment of traditional artisans who work hard to preserve this legacy alive.

The brand MANAMU has evolved from the original More Than Edel. This new moniker perfectly represents the products. In Sanskrit, Mana means both ‘prestige’ and ‘soul’ with the power of elemental forces of nature embodied by a person or an object. Significantly in Latin ‘manus’, simply means ‘hand’ and offers a clear connection to the MANAMU handwoven products. Finally, ‘Mu’ in Indonesian means ‘your’ which allows a combined MANAMU to truly represent the soul of the weavers creating beautiful handcrafted products with you, the owner, in mind.


After a 20-year career in the international corporate world, Melania returned to Indonesia and settled on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It is from here that Melania has developed her passion and drive as a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of MANAMU. She recognized the talent and skills of the Indonesian metal weaving artisans and is determined to revive and advance this ancient art form in a sustainable and successfully contemporary context.


Each product uses the finest stainless steel, brass or copper materials expertly worked into designs & shapes for a range of products from Fashion Accessories to Arts & Living collections which combine contemporary styles with traditional Indonesian culture and craftmanship. MANAMU products are handcrafted and fully customizable for your needs.


  • Each piece celebrates the weavers’ craft and their weaving heritage, representing the essence of the weavers who create exquisite, handcrafted products for you. The thin threads of stainless steel, brass or copper are precisely woven to make incredible shapes for a range of products from Fashion Accessories to Arts & Living collections.
  • Each MANAMU  product begins with its own mathematical calculations carefully calculated by our artisans for the desired shape of the design. Then each piece is woven completely hand. No machine can do this work, so our product is completely unique and showcases the labor of love of our weavers.
  • The artisans infuse their inherited and learned techniques with a contemporary aesthetic and the result – beautiful, unique pieces for a modern lifestyle.
  • The unique value also lies in the customized items having no size and design limitations. Some of our Arts & Living Collections are collapsible, which helps to save packing and ultimately our carbon footprint. We work to honor the people and environment with every step of our journey.


The inspiration for our products comes from daily life and what can be used in our homes and as accessories. There is no limit to what can be made in terms of shapes, designs and functions using this incredible material and time proven skills and techniques.

We are inspired by the fact that our products showcase Indonesian culture to the outside world and that they are created with love by our weavers. Honoring our clients with our products empower us to carry our legacy.


MANAMU products are handcrafted by a team of 6 skilled weavers working in Bali, Indonesia. Our weavers are the core behind the products. The enterprise has thrived and grown over the past three years. It is evident in the weaving skills of the artisans, who take great pride in their capacity to combine their expertise and abilities with the evolving individual needs of our clients. And today, we are excited to place a renewed focus on upskilling weavers according to their individual needs and talents.


Our vision is to build an enterprise that empowers these incredibly skilled Indonesian metal weavers to keep their traditional craft alive through the production of modern pieces.

MANAMU is also resolute in creating a favorable environment in which this significant Indonesian cultural art form from a multi-generational tradition can flourish nationally and internationally.

MANAMU  is committed to offering the weavers an honest and fair wage for their talent and skills. As a social enterprise, MANAMU works with the weavers to ensure that the prices of the finished products are competitive and also reflect the level of skill required to create them. This arrangement enables the teams to earn a sustainable living, providing the opportunity to support their families and communities whilst creating high quality hand-woven pieces for valued clients around the world.

Part of the mission is to open a ‘Handwoven Storytelling Centre’. This aspirational venue will not only serve to provide education and information on Indonesian hand weaving techniques but also allow MANAMU to present these talented crafts people showcase our range of products. We seek to develop an unprecedented Indonesian ‘Heritage Handweaving Gallery’ that will attract national and international visitors.


Finalists of Good Design Indonesia 2021
Finalists of Brilianpreneur 2020
Ambiente International Consumer Goods Exhibition 2020 in Germany
Finalists of BliBli Big Start Indonesia Season 4 2019
Awardee of Australia Awards Indonesia 2023


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