MADAKA Series by MANAMU is captivating lampshades collection that draws inspiration from the precious metal ornaments, known as “madaka”, in the culture of the Sumbanese people of Sumba Island in Eastern Indonesia. This collection transforms the essence of these ornaments into contemporary and functional art pieces through the intricate art of wire weaving. Each lampshade is meticulously handwoven by our skilled Sumbanese artisans. These lampshades not only provide illumination but also serve as a bridge between the Island’s past and present, showcasing Sumba’s cultural traditions in a modern context. This collection is a celebration of the fusion between tradition and innovation, offering a unique and mesmerizing lighting experience that brings the essence of Sumba’s culture into

Material :
Oxidized Stainless Steel & Brass
Product dimension :
Madaka Pendant Lamp (Brass) : 45cm × 34.5cm × 16.6cm
Madaka Pendant Lamp (Oxidized stainless steel) : 45cm × 34.5cm × 16.6cm
Madaka Table Lamp (Brass) : 20cm × 35cm × 15cm
Madaka Table Lamp (Oxidized stainless steel) : 20cm × 35cm × 15cm
Madaka Standing Lamp (Brass) : 40cm x 35cm x 14cm
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