Our best-selling Strappy Buty Bracelets made of finest stainless steel, brass and copper which best capture our brand as we seen life is elsewhere. For our Indonesian artisans, metal thread weaving become like an archive of stories. Often, they’re the only thing they can take with them. We all have stories like this. It’s universal.
MANAMU is master of an ancient Indonesia’s traditional metal handweaving technique using wires which have been passed down through generations as one of the authentic parts of Indonesian cultural heritage. MANAMU works with a passion for preserving these techniques & skills, as well as creating a self-sustaining ecosystem for the weavers by introducing our artisans to contemporary designs and product interpretations.

Material :
Combination of Stainless Steel and Brass
Product dimensions :
Strappy length : 89 cm
Net weight : 30 gr
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